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I just wanted to send a HUGE THANK YOU to your team at City Serve, but especially to Cailee Fitzgerald!

Cailee has gone above and beyond in helping me not only get back into may apartment, but also to help me make sure that I can pay maintain it.  She has ensured that my children have diapers and that we have food to eat; and the volunteers that did get groceries for me and my babies made sure to get all of the healthy foods that I try to maintain in our household, along with bubbles and crayons for my babies to play with!  I have reached out to Cailee about a variety of topics and she has put me in touch with numerous resources that were able to help me in many different ways; from resources for rent, programs that help with utilities, groceries, child care, and even low-income legal assistance!  I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her the past couple of months!  It really touches my heart that there are such caring people in this world and she is definitely one of the special ones!
Thank you so much to Cailee and the rest of the team… I cannot encapsulate into words just how impact this has been for me during a time that could have been so much more difficult and stressful than it was thanks to her support!

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