We exist to Mobilize Mercy throughout the Tri-Valley!

Our Values



We are innovative, industrious, curious, clever and brave.



We believe our actions will either build or level the mission.



We are consistent, loyal, devoted and work with utmost integrity.



We are approachable, kind, hospitable and genuine.


The Mercy Space


The Mercy Space is a collective effort to amplify compassion in action! CityServe creates a space where the mobilization of mercy can be expressed through a diverse network of churches & faith groups, non-profits, businesses, schools, government agencies, community members and participants. Without one of these essential parts, the Mercy Space would not be as complete or as effective as it could be when all parts are unified and collaborating.

There are 4 commitments of The Mercy Space:


For the sake of prioritizing and amplifying Mercy, all partners of The Mercy Space collective — must put aside distinctive. We are united in our common commitment to the value and virtue of Mercy.


In light of this commitment to prioritize Mercy, The Mercy Space does not have room for cultural wars, philosophical or theological division, or divisiveness of any kind. While The Mercy Space is not blind or ignorant of the cultural context in which we operate, we are committed to dynamically and counter-culturally focusing on the missional unity of Mercy.


Everyone is welcome in The Mercy Space. We are committed to radical hospitality for the sake of mobilizing mercy.


There is no hierarchy of The Mercy Space parts — each Partner, and Mercy Participant is essential to the growth of The Mercy Space, and each piece has a critical role to play in the mobilization of Mercy.

As our network grows, so does The Mercy Space.

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