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The Mercy Space is CityServe’s contribution to the cities — to the community at large, created by and for the community at large. The Mercy Space is a collective effort to amplify compassion in action, the mobilization of mercy, through a diverse network of Mercy Patrons, Mercy Partners, and Mercy Participants. Without one of these essential parts, the Mercy Space would not be as complete or as effective as it could be when all parts are unified and collaborating.

The commitments of The Mercy Space:


For the sake of prioritizing and amplifying Mercy, all pieces of The Mercy Space collective — Patrons, Partners, and Participants — must put aside distinctive. We are united in our common commitment to the value and virtue of Mercy.


In light of this commitment to prioritize Mercy, The Mercy Space does not have room for cultural wars, philosophical or theological division, or divisiveness of any kind. While The Mercy Space is not blind or ignorant of the cultural context in which we operate, we are committed to dynamically and counter-culturally focusing on the missional unity of Mercy.


There is no hierarchy of The Mercy Space parts — each Mercy Patron, Mercy Partner, and Mercy Participants is essential to the delineation and development of The Mercy Space, and each piece has a critical part to play in the mobilization of Mercy. Each piece has particular benefits of belonging to The Mercy Space and specific expectations in their commitment to The Mercy Space. There is no solicitation or marketing allowed within the Mercy Space as this distracts from the core vision and
function of the space.

As our network of Patrons, Partners, and Participants grows, so does The Mercy Space.


CityServe was founded by our Mercy Patrons — a collective of like-minded churches who desire to leave their campuses and serve the cities. Our patron network is designed to inspire and cultivate a spirit of service and mercy throughout the Evangelical churches. It was out of this faith-based community that we were founded and that we remain committed to engaging and equipping to invest in building the Mercy Space.


  • CityServe’s support in vetting their benevolence.

  • Opportunities to serve outside their walls and participant in the Mission of God to the cities.

  • Presentations/regular impact communications to their communities on the work they are patrons of.

  • Network of like minded churches and leaders.


  • Patrons support the work of CityServe through regular financial commitment & mobilizing their community to serve the cities through volunteering outside their walls.

  • Have a supported and informed CityServe church liaison is in regular contact with CityServe leadership & attend Liaison meetings.


The work of Mercy is not exclusive and requires a deep commitment to putting aside the things that make us different for the sake of unity, collaboration, and most importantly increasing the mobilization of mercy. CityServe’s Mercy Space is only possible to create through the commitment of our Mercy Partners, who join with our Mercy Patrons to increase the work of compassion in action in our community.

A Mercy Partner can be anyone with a commitment to fostering our collective Mercy Space over highlighting the things that keep us separate. Individuals, Government agencies, fellow non-profits, synagogues, mosques, mainline churches, etc — anyone or any entity can be a Mercy Partner. There is only one requirement: that the mobilization of Mercy comes above all else.


  • Belonging to a diverse but mercy-minded network of partners for the purpose of care, collaboration, and connection.

  • Regular impact communications to them on the work they are partners in

  • Opportunities to serve make significant and sustainable difference in their cities through volunteerism.


  • Partners prioritize unity in the mission of Mercy over and above all else, particularly things that divide/differ from other partners/patrons.

  • Partners support the work of CityServe through financial commitment & engaging opportunities to serve the cities through volunteering.

  • Partners engage in the collaborative building of Mercy Space through their presence at collaboration meetings.


Without the active engagement of our Mercy Participants, those who are the recipients of acts of Mercy and compassion through the collaboration of the Mercy space, we could not have a full picture of our vocation. Our Mercy Participants are not passive charity cases, but actively involved in the informing, growing, and evolving of the Mercy Space.


  • Benefactors of the support from Patrons and Partners, through volunteer support, resource connection, case management, and financial stabilization.

  • A diverse network invested in caring about and for them & working alongside them to foster self- sufficiency and stability.


  • Desiring active engagement in the process of life- change & willingness to work towards stability

  • Honesty and transparency with their support team

  • Eventual self-sufficiency and stability

  • Contributing to the fostering of Mercy Space through caring for others, and informing the Space