Single Mother Gets New Apartment

We love to share success stories with you because it’s due to your generosity and support that we can help those who need it most.
CityServe was able to secure a 3 bedroom apartment for a single mom and her children at the end of August! We have the wonderful City of Livermore City Hall to thank because they chose us to be the non-profit to connect Livermore families without housing that we have been working with.
This single mom and her 6 children had been living in their Honda Pilot and couch surfing for the last 18 months. CityServe (through generous donations by our great community of supporters) had paid for and recruited local churches to pay for auto repair, gas, and other family needs during that time. We worked with the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District to help provide for the family, too.
We are so happy to be able to connect such deserving families with housing as it becomes available to us. The smiles on all the grateful faces makes our day complete!


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