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Set To Thrive began in July 2021, with a mission of seeking to ease the transition for children entering into the foster care system. The transition into the foster care system can be traumatic and children are often only able to grab a few, if any, of their belongings. Set To Thrive seeks to ease that transition, just a little, by providing youth with a custom bag filled with new essential items to bring some comfort and confidence to them during a vulnerable time. Set To Thrive serves Contra Costa and Alameda Counties where there are approximately 2,200 children in the foster care system. Please see our website at

Set To Thrive currently runs one program, which is our “Thrive Bag” program. We partner with social service organizations across the counties we serve in the Bay Area to provide Thrive Bags to each child as they enter and transition through the foster care system. A few of our current partners include Alameda County CASA, Alameda & Contra Costa County Children and Family Services, Agape Villages, EA Families and Bay Area Alliance.

The Thrive Bag program is ongoing throughout the year as youths are constantly transitioning into the foster care system. Our goal is to ensure that each child that comes through our partnered organizations will receive a Thrive Bag within 48 hours of order. This means Set To Thrive is working 365 days a year to provide youth that little bit of comfort. During our first year and a half of operation, we delivered over 400 Thrive Bags. Our goal is to provide at least 400 Thrive Bags during 2023.

We serve ages newborn – 19. Every Thrive Bag we distribute is filled with new items: a backpack or duffel, hoodie or sweatshirt, 2 pairs of pants (joggers or sweatpants for boys and joggers and leggings for girls). 2 t-shirts, underwear, socks, sports bras for girls (if needed), tennis shoes, hygiene items including, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, body wash, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, chapstick and a journal or coloring book.

The over representation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) youth as well as LGBTQ+ youth that are connected to the foster care system is something our organization keeps in mind throughout our work. Thrive Bags are customized for each unique individual, including options for different ethnic hair care products, LGBTQ+ ordering options, and sizing for all body types and shapes. We also include space for social workers to expand if the youth is in need of something specific. We strive to follow current looks, trends, and brands so that every child can feel more confident when transitioning into their new home and/or school.

Together we can support our foster children.   

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