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About US

CityServe is a proven formula for social transformation into two communities of the SF Bay (Tri-Cities & Tri-Valley). Originating from the faith communities, CityServe evolved into a unifying force to “mobilize mercy” by: catalyzing volunteers, orchestrate efficiencies, fill gaps, “be the human Uber for 211 resources”. CityServe systematically charts the intricate landscape of a community’s social sector, pinpointing available resources, service providers, and areas lacking support. This data is then meticulously compiled into a comprehensive database, empowering every Care Coordinator with the means to effectively deliver precise and essential resources to their clients. In pursuing this mission, CityServe does not position itself as a competitor within the social sector but rather as a support and advocate, promoting the prosperity of all essential services for the city’s residents.

CityServe Greater Orlando is a pilot program to distill a national pattern for social sector which is:

  1. Mobilize a wave of volunteers to support social services.
  2. Infuse the Faith Community in a subservient position
  3. Coordinate Resources to increase efficiencies
  4. Map out the Social Sector
  5. Bring Human into Human Resources

Replicating this vision nationwide is CityServe’s next challenge, and CityServe Greater Orlando is the first step toward that journey.

Our Values

These values will create our internal & external organizational culture.



Who can we serve with?



Who needs a voice?



Who is underserved?



Who can we lift up today?


Mission & Vision

We exist to Mobilize Mercy throughout the Greater Orlando!


CityServe’s mission is to “mobilize mercy” in cities across the nation by
meticulously mapping out each city’s social sector, catalyzing volunteers and assigning a dedicated caring guide to walk beside individuals in need, empowering them to navigate and access the abundant resources within their own neighborhoods. We are dedicated to fostering self-reliance, strengthening communities, and promoting compassionate collaboration, ensuring that no one faces adversity alone and every community thrives together.


CityServe Orlando envisions a future where every city in America is empowered to unite its communities, churches, and organizations, following our model of compassion and collaboration. We aspire to catalyze a nationwide movement of CityServe initiatives, each tailored to its unique local needs, collectively bringing hope, healing, and lasting change to every corner of the nation.


Care Wheel

Everyone has a story and it doesn’t matter if you need help in one category or all of them, we are here to help you find the resources you need!

Our team of care coordinators uses a model we call the “care wheel” to assess and individuals basic needs, emotional health and well-being, community, connections, physical health, vocational/educational and financial health. CityServe then educates, resources and refers participants to specific services, but we also ensure participants are given the tools, documents, and information needed to access those services. Our unique approach is infused with compassion and allows CityServe to meet a wide variety of needs in collaboration with our Mercy Space Partners.


Financial Stability

Financial Literacy,
Budgeting, Increasing Income, Applying for Benefits, Credit Repair, Debt Consolidation, etc.


Vocational / Educational

Job Search & Resumes,
Vocational Training, Benefits, Fingerprints / Background Checks, Tutoring, etc.


Emotional Wellness

Behavioral Health, SSDI Application, Addiction, Grief, Anxiety, Mental Health Support, Suicide Prevention, etc.


Basic Needs

Food, Shelter, Clothing/ Shoes, Gas, Auto Repair, Bus Passes, Utilities, Rental Assistance, Legal Support, Vital Documents, etc.



Community support groups & services, Classes and Events, Pastoral Care, Advocacy, Legal Services, 


Physical Health

Medical, Dental, Vision,  Medical Transport, Insurance, Medical Needs, Transport for Disabled Persons, Fitness, Nutrition, etc.

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