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This list is updated as we received requested/needed, and removed once items are donated.

Date of RequestRequested ByItem(s) / Description / LinkLink if applicableNotes or Comments
5/8/2020Kim (Staff-Outreach Team)Heating pads, ace bandages, compression sleevesCan be found on our Amazon Wishlist too during on-site visits to unsheltered encampment visits.
5/8/2020Christine (CEO)Pre-Paid PhonesAny prepaid phone is okay, can be found on our Amazon Wishlist too these for our unsheltered neighbors, it is hard to get ahold of them sometimes, which is important for Covid-19 Census, updates, and overall connectiion.
5/8/2020Cailee (Staff)Laterns, Flashlights, Hobby Related ItemsCan be found on our Amazon Wishlist too mentioned at the Asbury outreach that he doesn't have any lights in his tent. I was thinking maybe a few solar powered lanterns or flashlights for unsheltered folks would be good to have on hand. As well as some hobby related items, like sketch pads, paints, sketching pencils, etc... maybe other items to keep them busy... Word searches? Puzzles?thinking out loud!
5/13/2020Nick (Staff)MicrowaveMy participant just told me today that her microwave went out. She uses it frequently to prepare her meals.