Livermore Homeless Refuge

This organization is focused on the Tri-Valley homeless. At Livermore Homeless Refuge, we partner with local churches to provide a clean, dry, warm and safe refuge for people who need a place to stay. We provide dinner and breakfast, a sleeping mat, and a sleeping bag. The Refuge opens when the weather is forecasted to be at 45 degrees or less or there is a 20% chance of rain or greater from November to April.  Check-in is between 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Please do not arrive on campus earlier than 6 pm. The Refuge closes in the morning at 7:00 am.

The Livermore Homeless Refuge is a partnership between four Livermore churches:

Asbury United Methodist Church – 4743 East Avenue
Holy Cross Lutheran Church –1020 Mocho St.
1st Presbyterian Church Weekends only – 2020 Fifth St. (Entrance on 4th St.)
Tri-Valley Church of Christ- 4481 East Ave

Visit our website at:  to determine WHERE shelter is located for that evening.

Contact:  (925) 204-2678 or email


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