Kelly Bowes Graciela Pena Livermore Collition Mtg 10-17

Kelly Bowers, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools – Thanks to CityServe

Kelly Bowers, Ed.D., Superintendent of Livermore Schools, pictured with Graciela Pena at a recent Tri-Valley Anti-Poverty Coalition luncheon.  In the November 2017 Grapevine Newsletter from Livermore Kelly stated:  “I want to thank the organizations in our community that support our students and families, often in ways that others cannot see. Our Child Welfare Aids collaborate with City Serve, Open Heart Kitchen, Axis Community Health, Tri-Valley Haven, Shepherd’s Gate, and others that make it possible for all students to have life’s necessities. Students who are rested, fed, and healthy are students who can learn and achieve.  Together, we create this generous community of Livermore that we call home. Together, we show our value of education and our faith in the future of our children.”
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