Alameda County Clean Slate Walk-In Clinic

Alameda County Clean Slate Clinic, a partnership of the East Bay Community Law Center, (EBCLC)  and Alameda County Public Defender’s Office is held at the following location and time in Dublin.  They can help with a variety of needs including: factual innocence, errors on Criminal Background Reports, Felony Reduction/ Prop 47 Relief, Dismissal of Conviction (Expungement) Voting Rights, Jury Service Rights, Occupational Licensing Denials (DSS, Security Guard),
When: with Public Defender and EBCLC on Wednesday, 9-11 AM

Where:  Public Defender’s Office, 5149 Gleason Drive, #C155, Dublin 
Contact: (510) 272 6600-  Public Defender Office or visit website at

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