See below for a list of items requested by our clients, if they are still listed they are still needed.   Thank you for helping us mobile mercy to those in need in our community.

Date RequestedItems CategoryItem(s) Needed
CurrentFood and Homeless Requested Items We need food for the homeless it helps cover the weekends, if they are new encounters, and fill the gaps between Open Heart Kitchen daily deliveries. (that is once a day M-F) • Granola Bars, Power/Protein Bars- Try to Avoid Chocolate Coated Ones Since We Still Have About 8 More Weeks of Very Hot Weather And They Melt Quickly. • Canned Meats • Peanut Butter, Single Use/To Go Packs Are Very Helpful • Crackers • Fruit Cups • Applesauce Cups or Squeeze Packs • Pudding Or Jello Cups-Non-Perishable Ones • Jerky Sticks • Tuna And Chicken Lunch Kits ($ Store Carries Them For $1 Each) • Austin Crackers W/ Cheese &/Or Peanut Butter • Trail Mix • Capris Sun or Juice Boxes • Small Bags of Chips, Cookies, Or Crackers • Bags Of Candy- Individually Wrapped • Water-Always Outreach Pop-Up Needs: • Donation Cards to Purchase Apples, Oranges, Bananas, For A Basket at Our Pop-Ups That Would Be Awesome. Fresh Fruit Is Hard to Store but Definitely Requested. Other Items: • Tums • Pepto Bismol-They Have Them in Chewable Tablets • Blankets • Tents • Sleeping Bags • Mats • Sunscreen
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