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Bay Area Legal AidOakland   
Centro Legal de la RazaOakland    
East Bay SanctuaryBerkeley    
Immigration Center for Women & ChildrenSan Francisco    
International Institute of the Bay AreaOakland    
Alameda County Justice Center (for Male Victims)   A wide range of domestic violence related services for men. 
Alameda County Bar AssociationOakland    
API Legal OutreachOakland
San Francisco
Family Violence Law CenterOakland    
Family & Children Law CenterSan Francisco    
Self-Help CenterHayward    
Employment Law CenterSan Francisco    
Tri-Valley Haven     
San Franciso Public Defender – Clean Slate ProgramSan FranciscoDowntown Main Location
555 7th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Juvenile Location
375 Woodside
San Francisco, CA 94127 your arrest, Your lawyer will help you through every step of your case. Here’s what you can expect.

Step 1: Entering a Plea and Seeking Release
Step 2: Meeting With Your Lawyer
Step 3: Investigating Your Case
Step 4: Preliminary Hearing
Step 5: Settlement Conference
Step 6: Trial
Step 7: Appeal

Our Clean Slate program, Prop 47, Prop 64, and other services can help you clear or reduce your record and open doors to employment and housing.
Monday through Friday 8am to 5 PM
Their office has the tools to connect you to services and resources that will help you get back on the right path:
Mental Health Support
Addiction Treatment
Pre-trial Support
Re-entry Support
Social Work & Referrals
Juvenile & Family Support
Clear Your Record for Employment & Housing
Alameda County Homeless and Caring Court     
Clean Slate ProgramDublin and Oakland
5149 Gleason Drive, #C155
Dublin, CA

Public Defender’s Oakland:
545 4th Street, Oakland

East Bay Community Law Center 2921 Adeline St., Berkeley, CA1950

University Ave., Ste 200, Berkeley CA
www.ebclc.orgClean Slate Services
The Clean Slate Practice of the East Bay Community Law Center uses strategic legal and policy tools to reduce pathways to the criminal justice system and remove barriers to employment and civic participation for people with conviction records. Clean Slate attorneys and advocates provide assistance to clients in the following areas:

Post-Conviction Remedies (including early termination of probation, PC 1203.4 dismissals, Felony reductions including Prop 47 and Prop 64 Petitions)
Sealing of Arrest Record—Factual Innocence
Vacating Convictions for Survivors of Human Trafficking and Immigrants
Employment Denials Due to Criminal Background
Occupational Licensing Denials Due to Criminal Background (ex: DSS, Security Guard, CNA, etc.)
Driver’s License Suspensions
Reduction and Discharge of Court Fines and Fees (e.g., traffic tickets, criminal court debt)
Reduction and Discharge of predatory municipal debt (e.g., parking tickets, towing fees)
Civil and Human Rights Advocacy for People Experiencing Homelessness

Immigration Services
EBCLC’s Immigration Program provides a full-range of free legal services to low-income immigrants on a wide range of immigration issues with a focus on the most vulnerable populations—people with disabilities and chronic illness, members of the LGBTQ community, youth, and existing EBCLC clients struggling with other legal issues. Using a “kindergarten to college” model that addresses the interrelated legal needs of immigrants and their families, Immigration Program advocates provide representation and counsel for such issues as:

Adjustment of status
Consular processing
DACA (Please click here to visit our DACA legal services page)
Deportation defense
Family-based immigration for already existing EBCLC clients
Mitigating or eliminating the immigration effects of criminal convictions in partnership with the Clean Slate Unit at EBCLC
Political asylum
Public benefits eligibility including complex eligibility issues in partnership with the Health & Welfare Unit at EBCLC
Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) including state court matters (guardianship, custody, etc.) necessary to get predicate orders for SIJS
T visas for survivors of trafficking
U visas for survivors of crime
EBCLC’s Immigration attorneys represent clients before the Asylum Office, U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, and Immigration Court, and on appeal before the Board of Immigration Appeals. The cases accepted for representation are dictated by the unmet needs of the community.

Seeking information about the public charge rule? See these fact sheets from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.
For more information on our Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) legal services please click here.

Consumer Justice & General Clinic Services
Información sobre la Clínica en español.

Click here for information specific to the Coronavirus, including current clinic operations and information around student loans and stimulus payments.

The Consumer Justice & General Clinic provides brief services to low-income consumers facing a wide variety of issues, including including but not limited to: debt collection, student loans, credit reporting, predatory lending, identity theft, and consumer scams.

Attorneys and advocates may provide the following types of assistance:

Educating consumers about their rights and options for debt they cannot pay.
Financial assessments to help consumers develop strategies for prioritizing and resolving debts.
Defending consumers from debt-collection activities, including lawsuits.
Protecting consumers’ assets by contesting wage garnishments, bank levies, and other creditor liens.
Educating consumers through materials and outreach about deceptive, unfair, illegal, and/or predatory consumer programs and practices.
Assisting low-income homeowners, including those defrauded by home improvement or PACE financing. More information here.
Assisting borrowers to discharge their federal student loans, bring them out of default, or enter into a more affordable repayments agreement.
Defending consumers in disputes regarding repayment of private student loans.
Correcting credit-reporting errors.
Assisting victims of identity theft.
Defending against and litigating unlawful conduct by predatory businesses and operations that target immigrant communities.
Reducing barriers to housing (i.e., bad credit keeping you out of housing).
Assisting with storage unit disputes.
Providing support for consumers whose cars have been towed.
Información sobre la Clínica en español.

Click here for information specific to the Coronavirus, including current clinic operations and information around student loans and stimulus payments.

Education Defense & Justice for Youth Services
EBCLC’s Education, Defense & Justice for Youth (EDJY) program represents young people caught at the intersection of the juvenile justice and education systems. Education Defense & Justice for Youth attorneys and advocates can provide the following types of assistance in juvenile delinquency, school discipline, special education, and juvenile record sealing cases.

Housing Services
EBCLC’s Housing Program focuses on defending eviction lawsuits brought against low-income tenants. The program emphasizes defense of long term tenancies to preserve the value of rent controlled units. EBCLC also prioritizes subsidized tenancies such as those in Section 8 and conventional public housing programs, as well as on behalf of tenants with disabilities. Last, housing attorneys bring affirmative lawsuits to enforce state laws relating habitability standards, discrimination, and retaliation, as well as enforcement of local rent and eviction control ordinances. Housing attorneys and advocates can provide assistance on the following types of issues:

Defense of Eviction/Unlawful Detainer cases
Section 8/Housing Authority termination hearings
Rent board hearings
General counseling on tenants’ rights
Assistance to individuals to represent themselves
Public outreach/education trainings
Representation in affirmative lawsuits against housing providers
Keep Oakland Housed program
COVID-19 Resources for Renters on Eviction & Eviction Moratoriums

Clean slate services, Housing (Eviction), Immagration (DACA), Community Economic justice clinic, Consumer Justice Clinic, Education defense and youth services, Health and welfare services
Legal Assistance for SeniorsOakland333 Hegenberger Rd
Oakland, CA 94621  
HICAP California Health AdvocatesSacramentoSacramento (main office)
California Health Advocates
5380 Elvas Avenue, Suite 221
Sacramento, CA 95819  
Senior Legal HotlineSacramento
515 12th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814  
Tri-Valley Haven Mental Health Intake VM Line
3663 Pacific Avenue,
Livermore, CA 94550
Immigration Institue of the Bay Area     
Eviction Defense Center  
Project Sentinel   
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