How do we mobilize mercy?

How do we mobilize mercy? By activating our three “C” values to: care, coordinate and connect! Here is how it worked today-a text comes in from one of our homeless neighbors sharing a concern for a fellow neighbor who was not doing well. His tip was to find her at Open Heart Kitchen today. We CARE-so we immediately alerted our whole team to see who was available to go see if they could locate the gal. One of our case managers could not locate her so she COORDINATED with the leader at the kitchen and a few other neighbors set up a meeting at Burger King. The caring CONNECTION was made and now we are actively working to help this young woman stabilize. We know her name. We know her need. We care. It takes a lot of CARING, COORDINATING AND CONNECTING to mobilize mercy. We work hard every day with our partners, participants & neighbors to make a difference in our area. It is truly a collaborative effort and we are thankful for all the support. #adayinthelifeofcityserve

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