Hope Hospice Grief Support Groups serving Adults, Children and Teens

The goal of our Grief Support Center (GSC) is to help you understand the nuances of grief as well as to learn healthy coping skills. Our programs offer opportunities for individuals of all ages to explore issues around their grieving process as well as sharing your grief with others who are experiencing similar feelings.
It is not necessary to be a Hope Hospice patient family member to participate in our support and educational programs. Please contact the Grief Support Center at (925) 829-8770. We’ll answer all of your questions, give you more information about our programs, and schedule a time to meet with a Grief Support Provider.
Individual Counseling
To assist those dealing with the loss of a loved one, we offer up to ten 50-minute support sessions for children, teens and adults.

Contact: Grief Support Services at (925) 829-8770

Location: 6377 Clark Avenue, Ste. 100, Dublin, CA

Website: www.HopeHospice.com

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