Child Care Links – Subsidized Child Care Assistance

Child Care Links provides needed funds to families to pay for child care costs, through county, state and federal Subsidy and CalWORKs programs. Funding for child care payments is available to eligible families, based on income, family size and need for services. Subsidy and CalWORKs programs serve children, infant to thirteen years of age. Child Care Links is a parental choice program, and allows parents/guardians to select Child Care Providers who will best meet the needs of their child/children and family.
Families must meet one of criteria below (may not apply to Stage 1 acsh aided families):

  • Has a child or children at risk of abuse, neglect, exploitation, or receiving Chid Protecive Services through the County Welfare Depart
  • Family is homeless
  • Family is income eligible and has a “need” for services.  “need” means the parent or guardian must be working, in school, looking for work, looking for permanent housing, or medically incapacitated.
  • Family is a public assistance recipient

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