Why we do it!

I just wanted to send a HUGE THANK YOU to your team at City Serve, but especially to Cailee Fitzgerald! Cailee has gone above and beyond in helping me not only get back into may apartment, but also to help me make sure that I can pay maintain it.  She ...


Covid-19 Response 4.22.2020

Our crisis volunteers & staff helped at the Asbury shower and laundry outreach today. The showers and laundry services will be available to all unsheltered neighbors M-W 12-4pm. Please get the word out! The CityServe team and volunteer's will be ther ...


Covid-19 Response 4.18.2020

We had the best little helpers do an emergency grocery drop-off today. They delivered to a homeless family of 4; a mom, and her 3 kids who have have been temporarily sheltered at one of our hotels in response to Covid-19. Not only did they shop with thei ...


Covid-19 Response 4.16.19

During the shelter-in-place our case managers have been in close contact with those who are homebound or struggling to get out of their home to shop for groceries. Our crisis response volunteers spent time packing hygiene packs and household goods, then ...


Thankful 3.30.2020

When the shelter-in-place order went in to effect for the Bay Area, we checked-in to see how we could support one of our sheltered participants. Due to the pandemic, her work hours have been cut and she expressed a need for groceries and rental assistanc ...


Gratitude 3.26.2020

Thank-you to all our Homeless Liaison Officers, we are grateful for all your hard-work, and helping us place and manage the process of assisting the unsheltered during this crisis!