We have received all the names from CityServe, and they have now been loaded on a Signup Genius sheet, so we are ready to go.  
(You are receiving this email because you volunteered in the past or have expressed an interest in helping seniors to enjoy Christmas and have some social interaction, participation is completely voluntary).
The biggest change in the project is that we are not giving individual gifts to each senior, but we are trying to provide a gift bag with some nice items inside, such as toiletries and other items (crafts, cards, decorations).  
Also, instead of individual gifts, if you are able to help purchase the gifts for the bags, we have an Amazon Wish List, where you can go to help (the link is on the Signup Genius site).
If you have a group that would like to make items to go inside the bags, we need those by Dec 10th to include them.  We have about 200 seniors this year.
You can help by:
  1. Purchasing something from the Amazon Wish List.
  2. Delivering the bags (around Dec 15)
  3. Making items for the bags
The link for the Signup Genius list is:  https://bit.ly/2022adoptasenior
If you have other ideas for the bags (which are not too expensive), please email me.
Any Questions:  kenmano@comcast.net
Ken Mano
Adopt a Senior Coordinator
for CityServe.
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