Summer of Serving

 Your generous contributions play a direct role in supporting our programs and services, enabling us to make a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve.

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CityServe of theTri-Valley!


We bring the human to human services.  

The personal care and practical compassion we offer are the reason hundreds of lives are changed for the better.  Join our mercy movement and make a local impact!

What does CityServe Do?

We Care

Caring for people in crisis.





We Coordinate

Coordinating resources and volunteers between the faith-based community, nonprofits, schools, businesses, and government agencies. 

We Connect

Connecting volunteers from local churches and the greater community to non-profits in the Tri-Valley.

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Mobilizing Mercy

CityServe of theTri-Valley!

  • CARE for those in crisis
  • COORDINATE vital resources
  • CONNECT volunteers to those in need
How we mobilize mercy: We CARE for those in crisis, COORDINATE vital resources and CONNECT those in need with willing volunteers to walk through life. We offer care coordination sessions for those who would like to work side by side with a resource specialist and come up with a personalized care plan. We also highlight service partners in need of volunteers and provide meaningful opportunties for local residents to serve in their community.


"CityServe helped change my life".

Dublin Resident

“Thank you so much! This is such a huge help to me and my family and we greatly appreciate it.”

Pleasanton Resident

"I can’t begin to thank you and CityServe enough for your efforts on making this happen. Your organization is providing a great service for families in need, I am truly appreciative for this rental assistance!"


what our clients saying


We love making a difference in the lives of those we serve, even a small gesture can make an enormous impact on someone in need.


We are gratefulfor ourInfluencers!

CityServe has two types of partners; Influencers and Service Partners. Influencers  provide funding to help us Mobilize Mercy. Without funding we are not able complete our mission so we are very grateful for all our influencers and individual donors! Without  Service Partners we would have to do it all alone! We need both!

City of Dublin
City of Pleasanton
City of Livermore
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Abott Labs
Tri-Valley Nonprofit Fund
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